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Here was me hoping for a quick signup form only to be hit with 'tell us about yourself'. That's just mean (I can't even see what other people wrote as this point to gauge the tone). Anyway. Enough playing the victim. Here's me:

I'm a functional programming enthusiast whose day job provides very little in the way of expressing that enthusiasm directly (I work in a latency sensitive Java environment where mutable state is king). The resulting frustration leads to the occasional blog post and necessary rehabilitation in environments like the SPA conference.

I like to think I occasionally come across some grains of truth by porting functional idioms to the OO world, but then discover that someone else found them already (usually at least ten years ago) and then hid them in the GoF book, or mystically terse guidelines such as "tell don't ask". It's still quite satisfying though!


Work: LMAX

Email: grumpyjames at