SPA Conference session: Welcome to the world of Sound

One-line description:Live generation of music through programming
Session format: Workshop [read about the different session types]
Abstract:Overtone is a Clojure based open source audio environment designed to explore new musical ideas (powered by supercollider).

Overtone turns functional programmers in musicians, crafting their music through code.

This workshop is about helping explore and inspire the next wave of musical programmers or at the very least have a lot of fun making our computers make silly sounds. No musical theory or music training is required, just an open mind and some programming knowledge.

We will explore:
* Creating instruments through synthesis
* Live performing and transforming music
* Composing music together
* AI based algorithms for generative music

Welcome to the world of Sound.
Audience background:* Basic Clojure knowledge
Benefits of participating:* Learn how to program music
* Discover how great functional programming is for music generation
* Be creative and have fun
Materials provided:* Requires candidates to have a laptop (windows/linux/OS X).
* I'll provide USB stick with packages for emergencies/wifi problems.
* Littlebits KORG synth kit (for sharing + demos)
* A VM + automated install scripts) before the session so people can get their environment up and running before the session starts.
Process:The session is very focused on play as part of the process.
It will be structured into small bursts of information and then time for people to play and see what they can invent in groups. Then little demos for people to see and share what was accomplished. Repeating this process building up our work into something that might resemble music and the end of the session.

Before the talk during coffee breaks + lunch I'll help setup machines for anyone having any problems before the session. So we can minimise setup time at the start of the session.
Detailed timetable:
Outputs:* Music!
- Play some of the music/sounds created in the workshop outside during lunch?
- Play some of the music/perform at evening drinks/party/food.
History:Presented in Jan 2004 at CodeMash Ohio, US.
1. Joseph Wilk
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