The Power of Coaching

Enabling transformative change in yourself and others

Interactive talk or workshop


In the Agile community, the term "coaching" gets bandied around almost as much as "Agile". What do we mean by "coaching", what are the core skills of an effective coach, what does good look like and how does it feel to coach and be coached?

Join us in this workshop to experience what being a coach means and discover where you are on your personal journey of continuous improvement.

Audience background

An open mind and desire to learn more about yourself and others

Benefits of participating

- Experience being coached
- Experience coaching a volunteer client
- Gain insights into how your mind works
- Gain insights into how other people's mind works
- Feel a greater sense of empathy and connectedness towards others

Materials provided

All materials for all activities


A mixture of exercises from solo self-reflection to working in groups of 2 and 3

Detailed timetable

00.00 - 00.05: Introductions
00.05 - 00.15: What is coaching?
00.15 - 00.25: Coaching Exercise 1 (in pairs)
00.25 - 00.30: Self-Reflection: Writing in Your Personal Journal
00.30 - 00.50: Coaching Exercise 2 (in triads)
00.50 - 00.55: Self-Reflection: Writing in Your Personal Journal
00.55 - 00.70: Coaching Exercise 3 (in pairs)
00.70 - 00.75: Wrapup and Summary Poster


Post-event post on what coaching is


This is a brand new session based on the presenter's experience of Agile coaching for more than a decade and having trained on the Personal and Executive Barefoot Coaching course.


  1. Portia Tung
    The School of Play
  2. Helen Lisowski