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2nd – 4th July 2018

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Become a Fantastic Facilitator

Practical workshop on the art of facilitation

Interactive workshop


The purpose of the workshop is to help people to:
- Learn about the role of a good facilitator.
- Find out why it’s important to be a good facilitator.
- Practice unlocking their inner facilitator.

More specifically to explore:
- The people skills that make a good facilitator.
- How to manage different types of people.
- How to listen, summarise and ask catalyst questions.
- How to manage the flow of the room.

Audience background

An open mind and a desire to learn about great facilitation.

Benefits of participating

- Learn how to build trust and connection with the group.
- Understand how to use people skills to work with different types of groups.
- Feel able to run and manage group activities with confidence.
- Feel able to trust and use your own intuition.

Materials provided

All materials for all activities.


A mixture of presentation, demonstration and group exercises.

Detailed timetable

- Hello and welcome (5 mins)
- What’s your one hope for the next hour? (5 mins)
- What does a good facilitator know and believe? (5 mins)
- What does a good facilitator do? (5 mins)
- Listening exercise (15 mins)
- Role play exercise (20 mins)
- Practice being facilitators (10 mins)
- The 3 keys of facilitation (5 mins)


At the end of the session there is an opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt.


We have run this session twice before internally at FutureLearn.


  1. Katie Coleman
  2. Tracey Walker