Negotiating For Your Life

How to Master Critical Leadership Conversations



Is your work day mired with conversations that go nowhere in spite of your best efforts to lead? Do you find meetings die a death without positive actions? Do you wish you could get more of your own way for the greater good?

We believe that leadership begins with ourselves. And that most conversations involve some form of negotiation, from negotiating for organisational change to a pay rise and where to go for lunch.

Join A.C.E. Negotiators (short for Agile, Chilled and Empathetic) Portia Tung, Tom Roden and Marco Milone, a diverse group of Agile coaches and leaders with more than 40 years of collective experience in Agile, for a chance to grow your negotiation skills and put them to the test in a safe, friendly and playful environment designed to help you be at your best.

This fun and interactive workshop is based on the 9-step negotiation process developed by FBI Agent Chris Voss who has used it successfully from hostage negotiations to MBA classrooms and even at home.

Audience background

An open mind and willingness to explore seemingly difficult conversations

Benefits of participating

Overview of Chris Voss’s 9-Step Negotiation Process
Practical experience in applying a fistful of negotiation tools to a scenario of your choice to help you get the outcome you want
A co-created negotiation strategy for a scenario of your choice ready for you to execute after the workshop

Materials provided



Mixture of theory and exercises
Working in small groups

Detailed timetable

Currently 90 mins but can be rescoped to fit 75 minutes as required

5 mins - Introductions
10 mins - 9-Step Negotiation Process
10 mins - Tools 1+2
10 mins - Exercise 1
10 mins - Tools 3+4
10 mins - Exercise 2
10 mins -Tools 5+6
10 mins - Exercise 3
10 mins - Create your own negotiation scenario strategy
5 mins - Session feedback


Cheat sheet on the process


This is a brand new session and it's the first time we're presenting this. We have been learning with and from each other using Chris Voss's approach and have practical stories and tips to share.


  1. Portia Tung
    The School of Play
  2. Tom Roden
    Neuri Consulting
  3. Marco Milone