Well what would you do next...?

An adventure game of mistakes, dilemmas, jeopardy, triumphs and learning opportunities.

Workshop - 75 mins


As humans and leaders we all make mistakes - most of them without heavy consequences. Every now an then though we really drop the ball.
We generally survive even these mistakes, but do we take the learning opportunities that come from them?

In this session we'll play an adventure game (like those old-skool books back in the day) - various scenarios (some based on real events) will be played back and the participants will be asked at a crucial juncture "What would YOU do next?", then given 2 or three options to choose from. The path chosen is played out, and we'll look at what the learning opportunities were and whether and how you could take them.

There will be a chance for teams to create their own scenarios and play the game with others in the session - hopefully with a sense of fun!

We'll also look at possible strategies for:
- dealing with high pressure decisions
- doing the right thing
- dealing with the consequences of mistakes
- gleaning the positive learning opportunities when mistakes are made

Audience background

Anyone taking on the lead role at any level and being asked to make decisions, and then own them.

Benefits of participating

- Enjoy re-telling stories and reflecting on how you survived those tight spots
- Gain some new tools to deal with difficult decision point and when they don't go so well
- Find ways of seeing the positive learning opportunities that come from mistakes you make

Materials provided

The usual agile gaming stationary - paper pens, post-its etc.


A combination of:
- interactive presentations
- group story-telling and games
- discussions

Detailed timetable

00:00 - 00:10 - Introduction & Scene Setting
00:10 - 00:30 - Play the game with 2-3 scenarios
00:30 - 00:40 - Discussion techniques & tactics
00:40 - 00:55 - Groups form and construct their scenarios
00:55 - 01:05 - Groups play each others scenarios out
01:05 - 01:15 - Wrap-up and Q&A


Build up a collective experience/gaming deck that can be shared around in future - a nu-skool adventure game (interactive app/web-site). This will, of course be shared and open-sourced.


None, but will be run several times before SPA 2018


  1. John Armstrong-Prior
    Capital One UK