Learning, geekery and small memories

Learning, geekery and small memories

Bruce Anderson

Bruce led the design of the first SPA conference, where over a hundred people met in Cambridge for a three day residential.

That was in 1993, so this year is the 25th edition !

In this session we'll understand

  • The OT vision, the pre-history, the people - starting in the 1980s
  • The technical context and it's pressing concerns - from the 1970s
  • My own history and how this linked things - coding in the 1960s and tie them to your own concerns today

Bruce Anderson has worked for 20 years as a university teacher and researcher, and 15 years as a consultant and software architect in IBM

He has worked in many kinds of organisation and many different industries, in many roles, but my abiding interest is in learning and "what practitioners know". He also initiated a series of workshops on the "Architecture Handbook", playing a part in the early days of the Patterns movement. He has run many learning workshops, including several pan-European interactive events with a highly participative and empowering style for 160 participants

I know that people love to collaborate and learn together, and from each other, when they are free to do so - free from unnecessary pressure and free from false models of learning and knowledge. Such people enjoy life and work productively. - Bruce Anderson